Buying A Property In Spain

If you are thinking of buying a property in Spain, you need legal advice from a specialist lawyer who can make sure that your interests are protected.
For more than 25 years, we have been providing that protection to our clients. We take pride in our personal attention, professionalism and experience. These are the cornerstones that guarantee our clients constant access to sound legal advice from specialists in Spanish Property Law.

 Selling A Property In Spain

  People often think that it is necessary to hire a lawyer when buying a property but not when selling.
Based on our more than 25 years of experience as real-estate solicitors, we feel that it is absolutely advisable to involve a lawyer in the sale process as many complications can arise in the transfer of the property and risking it is just not worth it.


Taxes And Fiscal Representation

If your fiscal status in Spain is "non-resident" and you own a property here, you are liable to pay not only an annual municipal real-estate tax ("local rates" or "IBI") but a non-resident tax as well. Every year, thousands of non-resident property owners in Spain fail to submit their non-resident tax returns - a risky situation which may get them into big economic trouble.

Our personal and individualized attention, high-quality tax advice, and ease of communication is what makes us different.

Last Will

According to the Spanish Inheritance Law, a certain percentage of your estate (legítimas) must be left to legal beneficiaries such as your children and other relatives (obligatory heirs).

This is different to other countries (i.e. UK and Ireland) where its Laws allows an individual to leave their inheritance to whoever they wish.


Power Of Attorney

A power of attorney, also known as POA, (poder in Spanish) is a document authorized by a Public Notary that allows a third person to act on their behalf in certain legal acts.

The POA allows your solicitor, for example, to represent you in some proceedings in your absence, as such the sale or the purchase of a property in Spain. Also it is useful for inheritance proceeding to represent one or more inheritors when expediting the inheritance.


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